Hunting Properties in Southern Colorado

Southern Colorado Elk

Trophy elk and mule deer are regularly taken all over this area. The state of Colorado was very forward thinking in its 35 acre minimum requirement for a domestic well permit. This has ensured that there will always be plenty of open space for us to share with our wildlife. See the list of available hunting properties in Southern Colorado that adhere to this requirement.

Our area is designated by the Division of Wildlife as Group Unit 85, see the map below. Here is the link to the Colorado Division of Wildlife:


In Colorado you can hunt on your own property especially if it is zoned Agricultural even if the covenants say otherwise. While it is legal to hunt on your own property it is still not legal to shoot your neighbor in the process! 

Please, allways know what is behind what you are shooting at, bullets don't know property lines. 

 Southern Colorado Hunting Areas

Listings for Hunting Properties in Southern Colorado

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For information on current hunting property listings, contact Ed Kirkland at 719-679-1309 or

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