Southern Colorado Real Estate

Full of natural wonders, Southern Colorado stretches down from Pueblo, splitting into three distinct areas: Southwest, South Central and Southeast Colorado.

Real estate in Southern Colorado is also distinct, and depending on the region, varies from modern master-planned communities, urban condos, to sprawling ranches where your closest neighbor is driving distance away. If you've ever dreamt of owning a piece of unspoiled property with breathtaking views and an abundance of natural wildlife, a Southern Colorado home may be just what you're looking for.

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Southwest Colorado

Southwest Colorado is tucked between the San Juan Mountains to the north and the dry mesa lands to the south. Imagine an area full of cliffs and mountainous terrain that lends itself to hiking, mountain biking and river rafting in the warmer months, and world class skiing when the snow flies.

Driving tours in Southwest Colorado will take you past old-growth forests, lakes, mountain ridges 6,000 feet above valleys with views reaching as far as the eye can see, or archeological wonders such as the Mesa Verde ancient cliff dwellings.

Southwest Colorado is made up of many small towns, the largest city being Durango with a population of about 15,000.

South Central Colorado

In a region of highs and lows, South Central Colorado contains the state's largest mountain nestled amongst a seemingly unending cluster of peaks, jutting out from lush treed valleys and deep canyons. In contrast, is the San Luis Valley, a flat, fertile farmland full of winding streams and meadows. When this drops off, however, you've reached Royal Gorge, where the terrain drops thousands of feet into the Arkansas River.

The largest city in South Central Colorado is Colorado Springs with a population of almost 470,000.

Southeast Colorado

Southeast Colorado was home to the original gold-seekers in the 1500's, long before the famous gold rush of the 19th century. The Arkansas River with the adjacent Santa Fe Trail provided a trade route from Missouri to Santa Fe. Today you can retrace those historic steps by traveling along this historic and scenic trail.

Southeast Colorado will take your breath away with its combination of mountainous views from the Spanish Peak and Sangre De Cristo mountain ranges, wooded forests, rivers, grasslands, and Great Plains.

The largest city in Southeast Colorado is Pueblo with a population of 100,471.

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